Some Little-Known Facts About Cannabis


If you’re reading this, you may live in a state that has just legalized some form of marijuana and you’re curious to know more about it. Since its ban, there’s been tons of misinformation circling around cannabis, so it’s great to dive deeper and do a little research. Most people know one thing about cannabis, and that’s the fact that it produces some sort of “high”. But that’s only scratching the surface of one of the plant’s properties. There’s a lot more to know when it comes to the miraculous wonder of the cannabis plant! 

Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana Defined

The first thing you need to know when you hear the words cannabis, hemp, and marijuana is how to separate them. Think of cannabis as the umbrella that hemp and marijuana live under. Hemp and marijuana are species of cannabis, specifically the cannabis sativa group. However, the two plants have incredibly different biological properties. Marijuana contains THC, the compound that makes you feel high. Hemp contains little to no levels of THC, not nearly enough to have a psychoactive effect. Hemp has been a primary source of CBD products. Remember that CBD is completely legal and you can even buy CBD oil in Washington DC.  

Origins of Marijuana 

Many people think of hippies when they think of marijuana. This gives off the false impression that maybe it was discovered around the '60s or '70s. However, the first recorded use of cannabis was in China in the year 2727 BC.  

Different Effects on Men and Women

In 2011, a very interesting study was conducted that discovered female rats having a different reaction to marijuana than male rats. The female rats were able to obtain a higher tolerance and they were more likely to experience the painkilling effects. Apparently, when women are ovulating they become more sensitive to the plant. A very odd, yet interesting discovery! Of course, new studies on cannabis are being conducted every day. Contact the experts at Hemp Not Trees to find out more information on the amazing uses of the cannabis plant.