What We Believe

HNT's Mission
is to promote Hemp awareness, industrial growth, business, legalization, as well as products and medicines that derive from the plant. We believe that the compound Cannabidiol (CBD) which is one of the most well known and researched cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant is the answer to a plethora of medical conditions that devastate the world today. HNT also understands that we live on a planet that provides all living organisms with an environment that cannot be replaced. We only get one shot to nurture this environment which provides everything with the necessities needed to survive. We plan to make not only those who follow and support the HNT movement more eco friendly but the entire world. Grow Hemp. Save Trees. Save The Planet.

HNT's Vision
is for a world free of the toxins that destroy our mind, body, and our environment for monetary gain and calls for an eradication of the companies who promote/endorse such atrocities. We believe that the human race should work toward having as little of an impact on the planet as possible, and work towards reconnecting with everything through finding balance and becoming one. We don't believe that sustainable living through the use of renewable resources is far fetched in the slightest. We also believe the Hemp plant can and will feed, clothe, shelter, and heal the entire world. We envision our movement, the Green Movement does not only entail the legalization of Cannabis, but the switch from conventional methods to more environmentally friendly, and organic alternatives. We believe the Hemp movement will have a domino effect on other movements to help the human race convert to going green and connecting with the earth once again to achieve and maintain balance.